Beetroot Latte Powder


Using the finest beetroot sourced from Eastern Europe, combined with organic coconut blossom sugar, a delicious superfood latte was created. Beetroot is known to contain vitamins, minerals & antioxidants and gives you a healthy kick-start on those days when you really need it. The coconut blossom sugar retains the nutrients naturally found in the coconut blossom.

* No Added Dairy
* Vegan Friendly
* Caffeine Free
* Gluten Free
* No artificial colours, sweeteners or preservatives
* Blended with organic coconut blossom sugar
* Ready to serve, just add your preferred milk


1: Place 5g (1 teaspoon) of Urban Barista Beetroot Latte in a cup.
2: Blend with 150mL of hot milk of your choice.
3: Stir until powder is completely combined with milk.


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