Presenting with an orange-like acidity when extracted as espresso, Director's blends is a beautifully-soft coffee as both espresso and filter. Recommended in particular for long-term lovers of Supreme blend, this coffee offers a more gentle experience, suitable for a second morning or afternoon-style coffee.

This is a post-blend mix of Supreme and lightly-roasted beans from Kenya and Ethiopia. Supreme provides its signature body and rich chocolate while the filter-roasted beans incorporate a delightful acidity and subtle bean characteristics.

For another excellent variation on this theme, check out Mocca Royale too.

Strength Meter (5/10)



Product Info

Roast Level: Combination
Undertone: Orange
Body: Light
Origins: Kenya, Brazil, India, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ethiopia
Brewing Method: Espresso, Filter
Peak Flavour: 7-33 days after roast date
Strength: 5
Tasting Notes: Soft, Smooth, Sweet
SKU: CB007

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