Ethiopia Natural Guji-1, Muda Tatesa-250gm

For lovers of juicy, fruity coffees it's hard to look past Ethiopia as the origin of choice and this gem of an origin is an absolute must-try. Scoring an 85 after cupping, it boasts everything you want to find in a single origin: an amazingly sweet, unique aroma of tropical fruit and candy followed by strong lemon notes and bright acidity. 

To bring out the juicy, citric and floral notes in this coffee we roast it to a light level (just into first crack), and rest it for at least 5 days to allow flavour development. You want to allow enough time for maximum sweetness to be achieved with this bean as it is equally high in natural sweetness as it is in lemon notes and bright acidity. Overall it produces a superbly well-balanced coffee and we have had success using all brewing methods, with a special recommendation going out to lovers of Cold Brew and French Press! 

Strength Meter (6/10)


Ethiopia Natural Guji-1, Muda Tatesa-250gm

Product Info

Roast Level: Light
Acidity: Bright, Lemon
Body: Medium
Origins: Ethiopia
Brewing Method: French Press, Filter, Espresso
Ideal consumption date: 5-28 days after roast date
Strength: 6
Tasting Notes: Lemon, Tropical Fruit
Cupping Score: 85

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