Ethiopian Sidamo Espresso Roasted

An easy-drinking single origin dripping with fruity, chocolate notes from the Sidamo region, this is the darker, bold cousin of our famous Ethiopian Guji bean. With a natural sweetness and pleasant wine characteristics, it's the perfect dessert coffee and one you'll want to keep on hand. 

If you like to explore flavour, try a bag of this and a bag of Colombian Excelso Espresso Roast. They pair beautifully (hint: Black Label anyone?) and you can find some magic ratios yourself. 

Strength Meter (6/10)


Ethiopian Sidamo Espresso Roasted

Product Info

Roast Level: Medium
Undertone: Red Wine
Body: Full
Origins: Ethiopia
Brewing Method: Espresso
Ideal consumption date: 5-28 days after roast date
Strength: 6
Tasting Notes: Wine, Zesty, Pepper

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