Kafe Express Instant Greek Coffee

Not wanting to see the wonder that is Greek coffee sink into oblivion, the creators of Kafe Express set about creating a more user-friendly formulation. Kafe Express prides itself on delivering the authentic Greek coffee experience, without the fuss of knowing exactly how to make it in the traditional sense. Much like any other instant coffee, you simply boil the kettle, pour, stir, and enjoy!

While still preserving everything you’d expect from a traditional cup – strong flavour, thick texture, and of course not forgetting the important kaimaiki (foam) – Kafe Express has bought Greek coffee right up-to-date with a modern twist.

This is a very strong black coffee using finely ground beans, unfiltered.

SWEET - Includes 3g of sugar.

NO SUGAR - Does not include sugar.

MEDIUM - Includes 2g of sugar.

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