Kenya Kiganjo AA Microlot

The moment you crack open a bag of this coffee, take a deep whif and tell us you don't get the strongest impression of real honeycomb! More than any other coffee we have tasted this year, this single origin bean has true sweetness. In fact, it oozes class in every way if we're being honest. While it has a clear impression of fruit, it is not particularly dominant in any one corner of the fruity spectrum. Instead, it seems to leap from one interesting flavour to another. Very smooth, easy drinking. In fact, we actually had to be careful not to drink too much of it because a cup of this coffee just disappears!

For the coffee geeks, this region of Kenya is known for its fertile, classic volcanic soil and heavy annual rainfall. All beans are handpicked, washed and sun-dried, making for a near-perfect balance of flavours. Grown at a relatively high altitude (1800 MASL), this single origin is a mix of 3 Arabica varietals and is one of only a few crops exported by this particular farm each year. 


If you like a medium-roasted coffee and like to explore some of the amazing coffee flavours out there, then yes, we are fairly certain you'll love it as much as us! 

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Kenya Kiganjo AA Microlot

Product Info

Roast Level: Medium
Flavours: Honeycomb, currants, red berries, dark chocolate, honey, classy!
Origin: Kenya
Region: Kiambu County
Producer: Thiririka Farmers Cooperative Society.
Harvest: Main crop - October to December
Cupping Score: 87/100
Type: Arabica
Varietals: Ruiru 11, Selection 34, Selection 28
Processing: Washed , sun -dried on raised beds
Altitude: 1800 - 1900 MASL
SKU: CO051-250

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