Mocca Royale

Opening with a prominent dark chocolate flavour, Mocca Royale uses Supreme Blend as a base, yet enhances the experience with the inclusion of Ethiopian Mocca. All of the characteristics favoured in Supreme are retained however the citric, berry-like qualities of Ethiopian Sidamo Beans compliment the experience nicely. 

In a similar fashion to Director's blend, this post-blend is absolutely ideal for a second cup of the day or for post afternoon coffees. 

Strength Meter (8/10)


Mocca Royale

Product Info

Roast Level: Combination
Robusta: None
Body: Full
Origins: Kenya, Brazil, India, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ethiopia
Brewing Method: Espresso
Peak Flavour: 5-28 days after roast date
Strength: 8
Tasting Notes: Rich, Dark Cocoa, Subtle Raspberry
SKU: CB014

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