Syrups Monin Concentrated Iced Tea

Syrups Monin Concentrated Iced Tea (700mls)

Monin Flavoured Iced Tea Syrup concentrates are a refreshing blend of all-natural fruit juices, plant extracts, and premium teas selected from the best the world has to offer. Monin Iced Tea syrups remain faithful to the tradition of excellence Monin has maintained for generations. During summer, simply add the iced tea syrup to a glass with ice and combine with water for an easy, delicious cold beverage. Iced Tea syrups are also available for wholesale customers.

They contain no fat, cholesterol, and no preservatives.

Pumps sold separately.



Syrups Monin Concentrated Iced Tea

Product Info

Amount: 700ml
Flavours: Lemon, Peach, Raspberry

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