Monin Syrup 700ml

Monin Syrups are a premium flavour solution for all beverages, hot or cold, that require skilled and gourmet flavour modulation. From caramel or vanilla lattes and iced chocolates to mixed berry iced tea, there's a monin syrup to cater to your unique flavour requirements. This selection of monin syrups is the same one that we provide to all wholesale partners and Aromas cafes, offering the perfect compliment to all cafe-associated beverages. 

As a company, Monin accepts only highest standards for their products, pursuing pleasure and enjoyment by using only the best, natural ingredients. These are truly the best cafe syrups you can source and Aromas is a proud distributor of Monin Syrup in Australia. 


*Pumps sold separately.


Monin Syrup 700ml

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Size: 700ml

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