Capsule Variety Pack - Aromas

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Our capsules are made of BPA free plastic which is recyclable.

You can also use the used coffee as compost (once the lid has been removed).


Capsule Variety Pack - Aromas

Product Info

Satine: An 'in-your-face' espresso - an iron fist wrapped in velvet! A full wide bodied coffee, big in flavour and character. This coffee gives an excellent crema and flows with a honey-like viscosity.
Black Label: Our top shelf espresso Blend. This is a heavy bodied coffee with spicy aromatics and rich dark chocolate overtones. A pleasantly long and lingering aftertaste which makes this one, the one you will keep coming back for!
Chicago Dark: Triple award winning powerful espresso coffee, blended from 5 origins. It has an excellent body and a sweet finish - one of our most popular espresso blends.
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