STARESSO SP-200 Portable Espresso Machine

The Staresso Coffee Machine can offer you high quality coffee whether you are on a trip, on vacation or on any outdoor activity. The Staresso is a versatile coffee brewing device, capable of:

Espresso Coffee
Milk foam & Cappuccino
Cold Brew Espresso / Quick Cold Brew
Coffee A La Mode
Black Tea Latte


  • Small but Strong: Similar size as a mug but providing good coffee anywhere. With 15~20 bar pressure, it produce coffee and espresso which has a rich flavour, lower acidity or bitterness
  • Best way to replace instant coffee: Simple & easy for using and cleaning
  • Adjustable from French coffee to Espresso, suits all tastes. 
  • Amusing coffee maker: Special milk foam generator, make fancy coffee freely & rapidly



Was: $99.00
Now: $65.00

STARESSO SP-200 Portable Espresso Machine

Product Info

Working pressure: 15 ~ 20bar
Ground Coffee capacity: 5 ~ 10g
Water tank capacity: 50~80ml
SKU: AA033

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