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Hey fellow coffee lover! One thing we know about people who appreciate great coffee is that they tend to flock together. This means that you probably know one or two people just like you who actually stop to savour their daily brew. They might even like exploring the world of coffee flavours too.

Find a Coffee Lover

1. Find a coffee lover in your life

Think of some fellow coffee lovers who may not yet have tried our award-winning coffee.

Send a Gift

2. Send a Gift of $15 Off

Using the rewards app, sign in to your Aromas account and select “Treat Friends”. Just enter the email address of anyone who you want to treat. Hint: you can enter as many as you like!

They Buy 1 Kg

3. They buy a kg of coffee

They will receive your special gift in their email inbox with a unique link to follow granting them $15 off any order they place containing at least 1 kg of coffee (or equivalent price)

you get 20% Off

4. You get 20% Off

Once they have claimed their gift, your exclusive 20%-off coupon will be sent automatically to you via email!

Aromas rewards

Sharing coffee is super simple! To start, just click on the “Treat Friends” icon to your left. Sign in with your Aromas account or create one. Then, you can send as many gifts as you want via email or the socials. Once a friend claims their gift, boom, you’ll get 20% off your next order.
We call this winning.


The $15 discount only applies to orders that meet or exceed the price of 1kg of coffee which is $35.90. Your friend may also try several blends in smaller quantities that bring the total up to this amount (recommended).

Nope. If you have a lot of friends that love great coffee and you want to treat them all, you can! Just enter their email addresses individually using the Aromas Rewards app on our shop.

Your coupon will be sent to you automatically as soon as any of your friends redeem their gift.

No, shipping rates will remain the same. However, this means that if they decide to spend over $50 they will receive free shipping on top of the $15 gift.

Aromas Rewards can be found by clicking the “Treat Friends” icon on the home page and any of our shop pages.

Your referral reward of 20% off will apply to everything in the online store except:

  • Espresso Machines
  • Existing deals

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