Blue Mountain Coffee

Our Blue Mountain coffee beans are a custom blend of 4 origins which accurately capture the flavours of famous coffee grown in the Blue Mountains region (just without the exorbitant price tag!).

Blue Mountain Coffee's earthy aroma is followed by a black-tea-like tone as an espresso with a vanilla bean / malt taste when paired with milk. These Blue Mountain coffee beans are an excellent all-rounder and suits lovers of full-flavoured, complex arabica coffee without any bitterness, just like the original. 

Blue Mountain is a blend that is our take on the flavour profile of the famous coffees grown in the highlands of Jamaica's Blue Mountains and it has a truly unique flavour profile. In order to closely match the flavour profile of Jamaica's Blue Mountain region, we had to create this coffee from multiple single origins, all roasted to different degrees to accurately cover the cupping components. Our recipe includes beans from Papua New Guinea, Sumatra, Kenya and Guatemala. To avoid any bitterness, roast levels across the origins are medium at most (this is called city-roasting which stops the process before entering second-crack). It was also very important to include only 100% arabica beans for the most smooth and balanced profile possible.

This adaptation is one of our most popular blends and a must-try in our opinion. It is especially suited to people who like to drink several cups of coffee a day because it is mellow, and has no bitterness. This means you can be on your third cup of the day and still really enjoying the complex flavour without feeling over-caffeinated or highly acidic.

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Strength Meter (7/10)

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Blue Mountain Coffee

Product Info

Roast Level: Combination
Undertone: Black tea, Malt, Vanilla bean
Body: Medium
Origins: PNG, Kenya, Sumatran
Brewing Method: Espresso, Stovetop, French Press
Ideal consumption date: 5-28 days after roast date
Strength: 7
Tasting Notes: Earthy, Malt-like. Great with Milk

Blue Mountain Coffee - 9 Reviews

  • 5

    Posted by Anna on 20th Oct 2020

    I’m a bit fussy with my coffee but this one I like and keep coming back to!

  • 5
    So delicious

    Posted by Kirsty on 15th Jun 2020

    Absolutely love this coffee! Tastes like none other

  • 5
    Great regular coffee

    Posted by Patricia on 8th May 2020

    I recommend this as a regular morning coffee. I will buy it again.

  • 4
    Great all rounder

    Posted by Erin on 31st Mar 2020

    We loved this coffee. Easy to drink, goes great with regular milk and soy milk. A milder taste for those who don't like their coffee too strong or bitter.

  • 5
    Tea like coffee

    Posted by mahmut aytekin on 23rd Mar 2020

    This coffee has an interesting profile. I have had it with milk and without milk. Without milk. its got a black-tea like profile, soft and velvety. You kind of need more of this coffee as its quite soft compared to others. Really nice as a long black though.

  • 5
    Blue Mountain

    Posted by Antique Lamp Shoppe on 17th Dec 2019

    We really enjoy this blend and make it a part of our regular order.

  • 5

    Posted by Anon on 24th Oct 2019

    Blue Mountain is rich and smooth on the palate, but not terribly strong - you may need to use a little more but the extra cost is nothing when the taste is so good!

  • 5
    So Smooth

    Posted by Craig on 24th Oct 2019

    If you enjoy drip filter coffee than look no further than this Blue Mountain. Smooth like velvet you can drink this all day long.

  • 5

    Posted by Flavour on 23rd Oct 2019

    A very nice tasting coffee well worth it, will be buying it again.

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