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The evolution of Aromas...

The evolution of Aromas over the decades has culminated in a state-of-the-art headquarters with a strong focus on quality and consistency. While we’d love to show you around in-person, please enjoy a virtual tour.

"The German"

Probatone 60kg

The heart of our operation is this 60-kg, Probat drum roaster. Probat is a company based in Germany that has dominated the global coffee industry for decades, redefining the benchmarks for quality and consistency. A Probat is often referred to as the “Rolls-Royce” of coffee roasters and our experience with “The German” has certainly affirmed this!
The technology provided by our Probatone 60 allows absolute assurance that our blends and single origins are reliably reproducible without any inconsistencies. This beast of a machine works tirelessly and can produce up to 240kg roasted coffee each hour, without requiring any downtime for cooling.

Petroncini 30kg

This fully refurbished, Italian drum roaster offers us the ability to small batch and sample roast. Also being a drum roaster, it enables us the ability to design our roast profiles manually before we transfer them to the Probat for automated control and production-level output. This is the fundamental difference between our two roasters.
Roasting coffee on the Petroncini requires the attuned senses of a skilled and attentive operator. Whereas the Probat’s algorithms will monitor and control each phase of the roasting process, our Master Roasters uses their senses of sight, smell and sound to replicate this delicate process on the Petroncini. This is coffee roasting the way it has always been done! It is a specialist skill and one which, at advanced levels, is becoming increasingly rare.

Our Lady

Packing Machine

Packing Machine

Resting and Packing Rooms

Our Packing / Resting Rooms are climate-controlled, designed to provide an optimal environment for coffee bean storage and degassing all-year round. We house two packing machines: a fully-automated design for large-scale production and a semi-automatic machine, ideal for smaller-scale distribution. This move towards increased automation has allowed us to empower our wholesale and contract-roasting customers with greater emphasis on their own branding where required. As our packaging operations have become increasingly efficient, we have been able to grow the number of different products and designs that we can cater to, with less manpower required.



Tea Storage

Aromas stocks an extensive range of teas, offering choices far beyond the typical inclusions of most mainstream coffee providers or cafes. Our tea range is currently in excess of 85 unique teas, all of the highest quality. Tea storage must also be climate-controlled, albeit at an even lower atmospheric temperature (16 degrees Celsius) than coffee, owing to the delicate nature of certain teas and their susceptibility to humidity and heat.

The Training/Cupping Room

Training/Cupping Room

At Aromas we truly understand that all of our efforts to produce the highest quality coffee beans consistently amount to just 50% of what will reach our customers. What constitutes the other 50%? You guessed it: a cup of coffee is only as good as the person making it!

With this in mind, we place equal importance on education and barista training as the second key contribution to making excellent coffee.

Our dedicated training room utilizes every inch of its space for providing both the theoretical and practical education required to become a proficient barista. You will learn about the many techniques for brewing coffee, how to taste and cup beans and the geographical distribution of coffee worldwide. Our goal is to help anyone at any skill level to learn more and expand on their love of all-things-coffee.

We also use this room for quality control and blend development through cupping. Read more on cupping here.

Brew Guides

Espresso Bar / Showroom


High-end Espresso Equipment

Our Research and Development room, a.k.a the Aromas Espresso Bar, was built as a natural extension of our neighbouring roasting room. We had two purposes in mind, yes to serve exceptional beverages to the local public, but also to test, refine and showcase the cafe equipment, home-barista tools and consumables that Aromaholics use to explore coffee in different ways! To read more about the Espresso Bar, click here.

See Espresso Bar

Aromas Technical Department

Our Technical Service Department consists of a team of qualified commercial technicians, all with vast experience in the coffee industry. The team is licenced and qualified to carry out maintenance and repairs for a wide range of coffee machines and grinders.

For more information on how we can service your coffee equipment needs please contact our technical team or one of our business account managers.


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