Specialty Coffee


As a business-owner who serves coffee to the public, you know how important it is to get it right first time, every time. Even if you get everything else right, your coffee is still how people will remember you.

Getting it right for them can be the difference between a forgettable one-time transaction and a daily visit from a raving fan who can’t stop telling their friends “OMG, you have to come to my favourite café!”

Excellent coffee is the key to your customer’s heart

So, what does it take for a coffee partnership to bring outstanding results? A few things:

  1. A mutual commitment to outstanding coffee quality
  2. Support, both technical and educational, for you and your baristas, whenever you need it
  3. A long-term attitude focused on steady growth and recurring customers

Custom Branding

Branding is everything for a small business, now more than ever! For higher-volume customers, we understand that you might want to take advantage of a custom look for your whole shop including fully customised:

  • Coffee packaging
  • Clothing
  • Takeaway cups

If you have an existing brand image that you would like to enhance with bespoke coffee packaging, the good news is our skilled design team is equipped to help you bring your vision to life. Just look at some of these recent projects we have completed.

Blend Matching and Custom Blends

A common fear for established businesses is that, if they were to change their coffee, their customers wouldn’t like the new coffee and ultimately move on.

Well fear not! Not only do we have a huge range of coffees, covering a wide palette of coffee profiles, we also provide custom blending and blend-matching for appropriate-sized customers.

Our master roaster is adept at breaking down competitor blends and creating solutions to match the profile that your customers love. After all, there are thousands of possible beans to choose from and many ways to dial in a specific coffee flavour.

In fact, we are so confident in our matching abilities to bet that if any customers remark at all, it will be to compliment “how good the coffee is tasting today!”

Coffee is a skill

For anyone who has worked a substantial amount of time behind an espresso machine, it’s no secret that coffee is actually a skill to master through repetition. And the better you get at it, the more your customers are going to notice you. When you succeed, we succeed.

We’ve always got your back

We provide regular training to all of our wholesale partners, both onsite and at our Brisbane-based training facility. Your staff can get the essential practice that they need to become excellent baristas under the guidance of our experienced coffee trainers.

You also get the peace of mind knowing that our technical support is on standby for you in the event of breakdowns or issues. Broken down during your morning rush? We’ve got you. Our technicians work around the clock to take care of you in an emergency, keeping things running smoothly and under control.

One-Stop Shop

You can find just about everything you could ever need to run your shop here. From takeaway cups to coffee syrups to exotic teas, we have got you covered. Not only will you and your customers benefit from outstanding quality products at every touch point, you’ll also save hours of time ordering from multiple sources.

Ordering can be as easy as storing your previous orders on your phone and setting up a single-click transaction each week. Wholesale products include:

  • Award-winning espresso blends
  • Single origins and filter blends
  • Rare microlot coffees
  • Huge range of loose-leaf and bagged teas
  • Sugar sticks
  • Drinking powders (chai, chocolate, turmeric latte etc)
  • Coffee Syrups
  • All cafe supplies
  • Machine parts
  • Cookies
  • Much more

We know you!

Not only do we work with hundreds of café, grocery-store and restaurant owners Australia-wide, every day, we have lived experience doing exactly what you do day in, day out.

We know your industry and its demands extremely well. We know it’s tough. Yet, we also know the difference that an excellent customer experience has on your bottom line and the loyalty it fosters in your customers. If your customers love what you do, they’ll come back and they’ll bring their friends.

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