Ethiopia Guji Muda Tatesa

If you are currently looking for something very special and unique, don't miss out on this rare Guji-1 Muda Tatesa from Ethiopia. This delightful coffee boasts tropical fruit notes like no other we have come across. We roast it in small batches, bringing out as much of the subtle fruity and citric notes as we can.

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Aromas Coffee Roasters

One of the original Brisbane coffee roasters, Aromas offers an extensive selection of premium-quality coffee blends, single origins, and teas along with everything needed to run a successful cafe or home-barista endeavour. Proudly carrying forward our reputation for coffee excellence from almost four decades of roasting coffee, we strive to serve Aromaholics (a.k.a True Coffee Lovers) around Australia and beyond only the best blended and single origin coffees, sustainably produced and masterfully roasted to time-tested standards.

With a customer-centric approach to everything that we do, we roast all of our coffees in-house every day, maintaining a balance between the classic approach to espresso-roasting and the emerging generation of lighter, experimental roasting and brewing styles. The result is an impressive array of delicate single origins, Omni blends and darker espresso blends to suit any taste or occasion! You will also find premium teas from all corners of the globe, cafe products, home brewing equipment and a reputation for excellence in the art of coffee roasting and customer service.

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