Customer Reviews

See what our customers say

It's one thing for an online business to make claims like:

  • This coffee is simply the nicest you can find at this (or even, any) price point
  • We roast it every day and deliver it to you at just the right time for maximum flavour
  • Our shipping is FAST

But we get it - this is the internet. People say things and you don't know that you can trust them, right?

So, we'll just get out of the way a bit and let our customers do some talking.

All of these reviews are real. We love reading these too because it reminds us how much it means to people to have a fabulous coffee every day. It's a simple pleasure but one we have been mastering for 40 years. If you do have a read through these, do us a favour and check to see if they back up our claims ;).


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