Hold onto your hats ladies and gentleman, Cipriani is a big, bold Italian-style espresso which lets you know that you're drinking coffee!

Not surprisingly, it is excellent as a Cappuccino or latte, as it punches through milk with a clarity and presence that lovers of good strong coffee will really appreciate! It is not lacking in complexity either, with an impressive floral acidity and lingering, earthy after-taste. It achieves all of this without the inclusion of any robusta either (it doesn't need it!). 

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Strength Meter (9/10)

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Product Info

Roast Level: Medium
Undertone: Bitter Chocolate
Body: Full
Origins: Colombia, Nicaragua, Kenya, Brazil, PNG
Brewing Method: Espresso
Peak Flavour: 5-28 days after roast date
Strength: 9
Tasting Notes: Bold, Rich, Satisfying

Ciprianni - 9 Reviews

  • 5
    Solid bean!

    Posted by Ryan on 3rd Aug 2020

    I'm still yet to get through a KG of this stuff, but it's mostly dialed in and it's found itself a very nice nutty flavour when used with milk!

    This coffee works well I think on the knife's edge point between over/under extracted, it doesn't really benefit from any unusually bitter or acidic notes.

    I wouldn't want to drink this one black very often personally, as it's a bit strong. However single-shot oat lattes are my staple, so the stronger the better in that field!

    Nice coffee overall.

  • 5
    Ciprianni beans

    Posted by Tim on 9th Apr 2020

    Beautiful flavour! Now my new go to order for beans. Aromas did the order super fast and we had the beans a couple of days after ordering so 10 points for service!

  • 5
    Just love the Punch

    Posted by Mike on 27th Feb 2020

    Seems to have the right amount of go for me. Just love it.

  • 5

    Posted by Barry & Jenny Fryar on 24th Oct 2019

    Nothing else compares to this coffee. Ticks all the boxes. Love it.

  • 5
    Love it!

    Posted by Anon on 24th Oct 2019

    I keep coming back to this one, it is delicious....

  • 5
    Top Notch

    Posted by Anon on 24th Oct 2019

    Beautifuly smooth coffee. Been searching for a coffee I could settle on for a while going from brand to brand. Wont have to do that anymore!!

  • 5
    Tried many local and international coffees, and keep coming back to this one!!!

    Posted by Viv on 24th Oct 2019

    Having family and friends in the coffee industry, they always get us to try their particular blends, and none of them compare to the rich creamy beautiful bold coffee of the aromas Ciprianni !

  • 5

    Posted by Mike on 24th Oct 2019

    I don't know how Aromas have done it, but this coffee is so reminiscent of the espresso coffee served in those wonderful Italian cafes in the 1960s, brewed in those gleaming brass monsters that were the trademarks of coffee excellence. I was transported at first taste back to the wood-paneled booths with Art Deco sconces, cakes in glass cabinets, atmosphere soaked with the heady aromas of brewing coffee. It's a trip I'll be taking again many times. Highly recommended, and totally legal.

  • 5

    Posted by Jenny Fryar on 30th Sep 2019

    Excellent coffee

    We loved to drink this coffee. We have been ordering Ciprianni beans (3 kilos a time) for over 10 years and everything about this coffee is still amazing. Good customer service is a given, postage quick. I like the fact that it is a family business too. It ticks all the boxes for us, thanks for this great product.
    5 cups a day doesn’t lie.

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