Exploring Coffee Varieties

Posted by Elaine Mead on 17th Feb 2020

We’ve talked a lot about tasting coffee, common coffee flavours, and roasting profiles but an area we’ve only briefly touched on is coffee varieties. When it comes to wine, we tend to have a strong idea of the variety we...

Types of Coffee Roast and Flavour – Part 2

Posted by Andrew Scrivens on 19th Nov 2019

Understand how the roast impacts flavourOkay, so we got you off to a good start with our first instalment exploring this topic, where we broke down the different roast profiles and how long we roast beans for to achieve this.Don’t...

Types of Coffee Roast & Flavour Pt1

Posted by Andrew Scrivens on 26th Sep 2019

Why the type of coffee roast matters to you… You know the saying, “one man’s pleasure is another man’s poison?” Well, this couldn’t be more on point when it comes...

Arabica Vs Robusta Coffee

Posted by Ron Brink on 16th Aug 2019

“100% Arabica”…better than Robusta Coffee? You may have heard the phrase “100% Arabica Beans” in reference to certain brands or blends before and you’d be forgiven for assuming this was a quality-assurance statement, right?...

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