2KG Coffee + 250g FREE!

Special for our ONLINE customers, buy 2 x 1kg of any of the blends listed and receive an extra 250g absolutely FREE!

If you want only the one blend, just use the first blend select. Otherwise, you may choose up to 2 different blends and then a third as your free 250g bag!



2KG Coffee + 250g FREE!

Product Info

Black Label: Dark chocolate, Citrus, Sweet, Complex
Byron Blue (Single O): Strong, Earthy, Milk Chocolate
Cartagena: Mellow, Subtle Citrus, Cocoa
Caramel 4: Full-flavoured, Rich Chocolate and Hazelnut
Chicago Dark: Strong, Full flavour, Deep & Rich, No Bitterness
Christmas Blend: Super interesting, Brazillian-based espresso
Ciprianni: Strongest non-dark roast, traditional Italian Espresso
Colombian Vienna (Single O): Delicious single origin from Colombia
Decaf: So good you won't know the difference
Ethiopian Guji (Single O): Like a bowl of tropical fruit in your cup. AMAZING
Finca Kassandra (Single O): Plum, Dark Chocolate, Smooth
Kenya PB (Single O): Complex acidity, Savoury, Bold
Premium Classico: Bold, Rich and for lovers of pleasant bitterness
Samora Dark: A classic dark-roasted espresso coffee
Satine: Strong, robusta-rich coffee with Arabica-quality flavour
Supreme: A classic, rich, medium-roasted espresso blend
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