Vanilla Chai Latte Powder - Aromas

If you love buying our chai lattes at your local, now you can make cafe-quality Vanilla Chai Lattes at home! Our Vanilla Chai Tea powder is some of the best you will find for making chai at home: not too sweet but rich in flavour and depth. This is about as authentic a Vanilla Chai powder as you can buy.


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Vanilla Chai Latte Powder - Aromas

Product Info

Weight: 1kg
Sweetness: Moderate
Flavour: Rich, creamy
Step 1: Place 2 teaspoons (20g) of Aromas Vanilla Chai powder into a cup.
Step 2: Add a small amount of hot milk and stir into a thick paste.
Step 3: Add 200mls hot milk and stir
Step 4: Sprinkle cinnamon
SKU: BN400

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